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Hi Everyone, I have been thinking about you all lately, and have been so happy to have heard from so many of you in recent weeks. I don’t know if it’s the season, or if it’s because I’ve been publishing Smartly now for over a year, and you’re realizing that I am not going away, but your awesome questions have been pouring in through comments on Facebook, the blog, or directly to me. And I feel so privileged to be trusted with your experiences, and the issues you’re struggling with — and it’s got me thinking.

For many of us, learning about money isn’t obvious. If we weren’t taught in school, and aren’t lucky enough to have a trusted advisor, then it can be hard to get information that will actually apply to our situation. While taking Finance classes at Berkeley, I found that financial literacy is taught primarily around the assumption of a steady paycheck — and when you don’t have that, 90% of conventional wisdom goes out the window.

I’ve spent 10 years talking to artists about their money, doing course work toward becoming a Certified Financial Planner, reading about personal finance every day, and I am now proudly a Certified Financial Education Instructor. I’ve also spent that time creating systems for myself to deal with the roller coaster income of an artist, and patiently enacting a plan that has created financial stability for myself, my art practice, and my family.

And with your encouragement I’d like to share what I’ve learned, so I’m creating a class, and it’s called:

Money Smarts

Tada! Money Smarts will be four weeks of laser-focused instruction to identify and reverse your most unproductive money habits, gain an understand of financial theory, and create your own personalized, long-term, financial plan. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

This occurred to me last week after taking part in an awesome panel discussion about the Business of Art with 3 heroes of mine in the Bay Area art scene, and an incredibly engaged audience. In two hours of discussion we couldn’t get through all the questions, and I left realizing that there’s a real hunger for this information and not enough reliable outlets to fill the need. So in the last 5 days I’ve been feverishly putting together a plan to address the specific money issues faced by artists in a tailored and personalized online class, and today I am opening up registration on Money Smarts to a small group of motivated people.

The class is framed, the lessons are planned, and the outcome will be a personalized long-term financial plan participant, but I am leaving lots of room to respond to the specific goals of the group, and will be asking for feedback on where you want to go next at each step of the way.
So if you’re interested in joining me for a class centered around the challenging and sometimes weird money issues faced uniquely by artists, you can CLICK HERE to see what I’m planning.

I’m going to keep the group small, because it’s going to be part one-on-one discussion (you and me on the phone), part teaching and group discussion (We’ll meet through a webinar platform, so you can be anywhere in the world, and of course everything will be recorded), prerecorded lessons that I am creating right now only for you, as well as homework with lots of instructions and workbooks (yes, I’m creating workbooks to help you tame the chaos!). It’s going to last 4 weeks, starting next Monday Nov. 9, and finishing up in early December, so you’ll be in good shape to finish the year and go into 2016 with a long-term plan.

The blog may go a little quiet during this time, because I will be putting everything I have into this, sharing all that I’ve learned about creating a well-structured financial life, which builds assets and creates long-term stability for you and your art practice.

If you’re motivated to create a positive practice around your money I hope you’ll TAKE A LOOK

And one more thing: SCHOLARSHIPS!

I’m holding 2 spots open for scholarships. If your interested in one of them, please send me an email directly at with a subject line SCHOLARSHIP, and a 200-word or less note about how joining Money Smartswill help you in the long-term. Because there isn’t much time before the we start, I need your email application by Wednesday Nov. 4th at 7pm PST. Yes, that’s tomorrow, but it’s only 200 words! Rattle it off now, because you already  know why you need to be there.

And to be clear, because the class is going to be small, I am not sure how long I’ll be keeping the registration open, so please check it out sooner rather than later! I want you in the group, so head over now and see if MONEY SMARTS is a good fit. We’ll be kicking the class will off on Monday Nov. 9!
I hope to see you on the other side!

yours truly, 


Want to join the discussion in real time? Head on over to the Smartly Facebook Community, Artists Making Dollars and Sense. Can’t wait to see you there!

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