Time Value of Money MiniClass Part 2 — Earning Potential

Welcome back riders! I’m so glad to finally post the exciting continuation of my last video  — Part 2 of a 3-part series on the Time Value of Money.

Invest just 4-1/2 minutes and you’ll learn the mechanics of how money makes money — What?! — I know, it’s an awesome concept, and a much needed positive flip-side to my the last video about inflation. 

Again, I have to reiterate that an understanding of the Time Value of Money is one of the biggest financial guns in my arsenal. Get this and you’ll find it much more difficult to waste your money — because you’ll have a better understanding of the magnitude of what you’re wasting.

If you want to see what your money can do for you when you put it to work, then click that triangle to continue on with Part 2. But if haven’t seen my gripping explanation of the crushing power of inflation, check out Part 1 first. And when you’re ready, check out the Thrilling Conclusion in Part 3, where I’ll show you how to calculate Opportunity cost!

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Time Value of Money, Part 2 — Earning Potential


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