The Freelancers Union – Where have you been all my life?!

I was just introduced to the Freelancers Union by an old friend of mine from High School, and I can’t believe I’ve missed this incredible organization until now.

I have been thinking about creating a benefits collective for years, and I am so glad to know it’s already up and running! Instead of getting together my five best friends to negotiate a health insurance rate, the Freelancers Union has the collective bargaining power of thousands, and they have tackled many more issues that have us bathed in our own cold sweat at night.

Now that we have Obama Care, the panic about not being able to getting health insurance at all has been removed. But those rates may not be the best deal for everyone, and health insurance alone is far from the whole picture.

The Freelancers Union is a non-profit organization dedicated to organizing and advocating for the self-employed. They’ve put together a suite of services, such as health, term life and disability insurance, as well as retirement savings plans, and more. Collectively their offerings mimics a corporate benefits package, giving us soloprenuers something we may have thought we had kissed goodbye forever when we decided to go out on our own – support, piece of mind, and easy solutions.

I’ve already gotten all these systems in place after years of honing my personal benefits package, but if you are just starting out, or if you have a hole in your support system, the Freelancers Union should be on your list of organizations to investigate.



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