Christina is Now a Certified Financial Education Instructor!

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share the news that I am now a Certified Financial Education Instructor. I just completed the training and passed the exam — Huzzah!

This training was great for me, not because I didn’t already know my sh#t (I’ve got personal finance set on a continuous loop in my brain), but because it addressed how to teach personal finance — which is a very different animal indeed.

The main take away…

I reaffirmed my understanding that for the overwhelming majority of us, this stuff is stressful. No one comes to the personal finance table from a neutral place. We’ve all got our different reasons —but more often than not, focusing on our finances feels like sitting down to sh#t sandwich with a side of @#$%!

My mission is to convince you, my dear readers, that it’s not all that bad. I ate that sandwich a long time ago and realized it was actually made from much better stuff, and with sandwich in hand I am steering my ship in the right direction. I have a lot more to tell you, so I hope stick with me on this journey!

As always, if you have any questions about personal finance, I want hear about them! I am committed to addressing all issues with the compassion and empathy of someone whose been there. Leave a comment below, or send me a note directly at

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  1. Flesche October 7, 2015 at 6:14 pm #

    Congrats on this HUGE achievement!

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